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Specialty Developments, like all progressive businesses has evolved, yet still maintains it’s original ethos - Help to provide people with what they need and want, when they can’t work out a way to do it on their own in a cost effective way.


We are a small collection of people who have particular skills or expertise in various professional backgrounds.


Principally, the proprietor is Paul Hammond who has been trained as an Electronics Engineer in University College London since 1985, and is currently the Laboratory Manager in a Movement Disorder Research Group at the Institute of Neurology (UCL) in Queen Square, London.


Primarily our objective is based on helping each other out in various professional and private jobs, where we pride ourselves on a rather old-school approach of trying to do what we can to help others out.


In most cases, we are more than happy to give you advice, particularly with what your options may be in a given project.

Most of us are driven by our thirst for seeking creative solutions to challenging problems.

Britain's Best Team Award, presented to the British Canoe Polo Committee to Promote Team Play