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We have been asked to provide services in many sectors

Design Canoe Polo Kayaks, namely the Evolution Series with Mega
Performance Kayaks under the leadership of Malcolm Pearcy.
This initially started with the Evolution, the first legal polo boat for small
players (55Kg). Then came               the Xcell for paddlers up to 65Kg,
the Raptor for paddlers up                  to 90Kg, and then to fill the gap,
the VelociT for paddlers up                 to 80Kg.
Only after this point did the                 other manufacturers follow suit to
supply players with boats                    suited to a players size instead of
the now dated attitude of                      one-size-fits-all.
Malcolm Pearcy was the                          only manufacturer willing to take
on the investment required                       to produce this kind of range of
polo boats.

We have                                                                                  designed
and                                                                                         made
Canoe and                                                                              Kayak
Paddles,                                                                                 and even
been the UK                                                                         distributors of
A range of                                                                           other

We have been involved with many well known brands who we have
either directly helped in their own products which we then retailed, or had
them manufacturer to our requirements along side their own products.
These include Ainsworth for Helmets, the world famous Reed Chillcheater
range of Canoe/Kayak paddling kit including bank jackets, spraydecks,
shorts and many others.
Badger for the worlds most reliable adjustable footrest system constructed in
extruded aluminium.
Gul, The Wetsuit Factory and House of Hardy (manufacturer of Fishing
Rods and then Paddle Shafts).

We have also done a lot of boat and paddle repairs over the years too.