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Commercial activities started by way of working with existing manufacturers to help improve, expand and develop new and existing ranges.


With many of those activities in specialist sporting equipment including kayaks, paddles, clothing and safety equipment, Clyde’s Polo Kit (our original identity) went on to retail many of these lines with some in-house manufacturing using composite materials.

This included buying an existing Canoe/Kayaking Paddle Manufacturing Business, which was then developed, re-branded and subsequently sold on, some years later.


As a commercial venture Clyde’s Polo Kit was chiefly interested in Specialty Sporting Equipment, but despite this, many clients in the Academic Research Industry sought help in various projects.


With increasing numbers of clients from this newer area of interest, it was felt more appropriate to start afresh with a new identity to allow creative scope for new directions, which still require innovation and creativity, two things which we hold very dear to our own hearts.


As a result, Specialty Development was created.


Principally in order to gain insurance for some of our activities, particularly for the construction of some types of equipment, we have partnered with Rogue Resolutions (Cardiff, UK), who will distribute parts made exclusively for them.


In the first instance, enquiries can be made either through us or Rogue Resolutions, although all orders will be processed through Rogue Resolutions.