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                       This was actually a Science Challenge Award we created and sponsored for Hurst
                           Primary School (Kent, UK),
                           But we also had an idea for a School Trip Bag which could potentially be supplied to
                           all schools who run field trips to Museums, Parks, Activity Centres, or just about
                           anywhere really.
                           This idea would be of particular interest to businesses who already supply school
 Contact us to sign an NDA and get more details.
This is technically based on the same kind of communication system as the Lite Tile Project (above), but
A completely different application.
We don’t want to give the game away too much, but imagine going to a Museum, Shopping Centre or
Public Transport Hub, and wanting to find a particular exhibition, store or departure gate. This system
would direct you there.
The first part based on a multi-function terminal which would be free to use for this kind of enquiry.
The second part would actually show you the way !
While it wasn’t being used, it could also feature advertisements, while showing the directions for featured
stores/exhibitions, or public announcements.
This is one prototype part of a whole range of novel Safety Evacuation Lighting systems.
A partner in the Safety Lighting Industry is being sought to move this project
forwards with extremely generous terms.
There is almost certainly a large scope for IP opportunity too for any canny investor.
We have spent a fair amount of time developing a range of solutions for this as a
concept. This is just a sample knocked up to show in practice what were thinking
Subterranean environments would illustrate just how vital this kind of Fire Safety
Signage would be.
While there is no legislation for this kind of safety equipment, following our own interviews with various
professionals in related industries (commercial lighting, London Underground Station Supervisors, and
Fire Evacuation Advisors), there is little doubt that this system seems to cover a very basic fact for
Fire Safety Management, which is not covered by existing signs.
Contact us for more information.
In a nutshell, this is just to save the parents from getting a bad back when wheeling little Jonny or
Jenifer’s Bike home after taking them to School.
Most Primary Schools do not have anywhere nearly enough racks for the number of kids who would like to
cycle to school, and given everyone’s shouting about all the problems the ‘School Run’ is causing, maybe
if there was more options for dealing with this problem, then more children could cycle to school.
In practice, if you can’t securely leave the bicycle at the school, how many times are you going to
struggle to get it home ?
This device takes all the pain out of guiding the little bicycle back home while you walk comfortably
beside it.
We’re not going to say our current prototype will work for every bike, but we think we can address many
issues to cover many options in a commercial way.
Contact us to learn more.
So here we have some projects we have come up with ourselves for various reasons.
We think these have plenty of scope for commercial exploitation, and some seem to have
opportunity for IP protection to interested parties.
That’s not something we can realistically do ourselves, so we welcome interest from related
sectors who might consider the ideas as having enough merit that they could take it further.
There is plenty of opportunity to come to agreeable terms, so by all means, if you are at all
interested, then please do not hesitate to contact us.